Consulting services focuses on growth of the companies in an always changing, complex scenario where competitiveness and adaptation is the key to success.

Our knowledge of the sectors where we operate, their processes and best practices, as well as the associated technology, allows us to offer our customers the best solution to help their company to be more efficient and competitive, improving their results.

General Consulting Services

Projects Consulting
  • Geomarketing and market studies.
  • Feasibility evaluation and analysis.
  • Project control and management.
  • Master plans for all types of infrastructures.
Systems Consulting
  • Process analysis and re-engineering.
  • System plans.
  • Requirements analysis and systems conceptual design.
  • Change management.
Heritage and territory management consultancy
  • Movable and immovable evaluation and inventory.
  • Urban and rural property land registry (updating and mass registry.
  • Expropriation and permit management (technical and legal support).