Engineering activities in all project phases, and in sectors like conventional and renewable energies, telecommunications, water and environment, construction, transport infrastructures, or industrial processes and facilities.

Projects are our basic management unit. We have skilled professionals in different specialties like civil works, mechanical and electrical engineering, remote controls, environmental impact, topography, Geotechnics, etc. in order to accept any project from a multi-skill perspective.

We Develop Our Engineering Services In All Phases Of Any Project

1.-Preliminary studies
  • consulting and Feasibility study and evaluation.
  • Basic engineering.
  • Obtaining permits.
  • Finding financing.
2.-Project preparation
  • Administrative authorization projects.
  • Construction projects: civil works, mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, installations
  • Detailed engineering: specifications, drawings and estimates.
  • Topography and Geotechnics.
  • Environmental impact.
3.-Works execution
  • Property engineering.
    • Complete construction engineering: logistics and provisioning, cost, timing and quality control
    • Works supervision and management.
    • Health and safety coordination.
  • Assemmbly engineering: Specifications.
  • Maintenance engineering.
  • Remote operation.
  • Training.
  • Technical Assistance.