We offers comprehensive facilities engineering, supply, construction and commissioning services (turnkey/EPC).

We began our construction activity in the energy sector and we now offer construction services for infrastructure and facilities in the gas, renewable energy, industrial, transport, telecoms and building (social infrastructure and facilities) sectors.


Turnkey Construction And Installation

Industrial facilities

  • Installation of industrial waste gas filtration systems.
  • Construction of gas regulation and measurement stations for the transport and distribution of natural gas.
  • Construction and installation of medium- and high-voltage power transformer substations.
Buildings and renovations
  • Construction and renovation of landmark buildings (schools,sports centres,etc.).
  • Facilities for building works (power, air conditioning, fire protection, anti-intrusion systems, etc.).
Renewable energy generation plants
  • Construction of solar farms
  • Installation of rooftop photovoltaic solar power stations (distributed generation).
Sustainable mobility
  • Construction of service stations to supply gas-powered vehicles (LNG, LPG).
Telecommunications sites and facilities
  • Turnkey site installation projects for telecommunication equipment and data centres.
  • Turnkey mobile telephony site construction projects and (Cable)
  • turnkey projects for fiber optic construction works. (FTTH and FTTN).
  • Equipment installation at mobile telephony sites.
  • Installation in cable ducts of fibre optic cable and fibre optic fusion splicing