off grid  PV Inverter for battery charging

The SUN STORAGE 1Play battery inverter generates an off-grid AC network and manages the power achieving an optimum balance between production, storage and consumption. To do so, it controls all the time the energy flow between the grid and the batteries.

This new inverter features 4 operating modes:

Stand-alone mode:
The inverter generates an AC grid and the renewable energy source is used to feed the loads and to charge the batteries. The auxiliary source (a diesel genset or the public grid) is only connected when the batteries’ state of charge is lower than certain threshold. As a special operating case, it is possible to implement the Direct Panel Mode, for those installations without an energy storage system. In this mode, the system only operates when the solar resource is available.

Back-up mode:
The battery inverter is connected to the public grid when it is present. Thus, if there is an energy surplus, it could be injected into the grid. The energy stored would only be used when the public grid is not available. This mode makes it possible to implement peak shaving strategies in order to reduce the contracted power.

Self-consumption mode:
The inverter operates as a grid-tied one. If there is an energy surplus, it will be used to charge the batteries or it may be injected into the grid if the batteries are fully charged. If the loads demand more energy than the one produced by the renewable source, the batteries will satisfy the demand, increasing the self-consumption ratio. This mode makes it possible to implement peak shaving strategies in order to reduce the contracted power.

Grid support mode:
In combination with the EMS Manager, the battery inverter is able to adapt the output power from the PV plant to a pre established value in order to maintain a constant power output or to control the ramp rate.


  • AC overvoltages.
  • Insulation faults.
  • Output shortcircuits and overloads.


  • Inverter communication via RS-485 and Ethernet.
  • PV input.
  • DC switch for the PV field.
  • AC pre-charge system.


  • 2 configurable potential-free outputs, some for the connection and disconnection of the back-up genset.
  • Battery temperature measurement circuit built-in. PT100 (3-wire) needed.
  • DC pre-charge system.