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These systems are modular and flexible and can be installed as per your space and requirement. You can ask for additional services as state-of-the-art designing, drawings, engineering and installation of your projects. The solar water pump kits are designed by experts from GENERAL PUMP and SITECNO to meet the need of all kinds of water pumping.

Application areas

Designed for continuous as well as intermittent operation, the SITECNO solar system is especially suitable for water supply in remote locations such as:

villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc.

farms and ranches
watering of livestock
irrigation of crops and green houses

game parks and game farms
watering applications

conservation areas
surface water pumping

ponds and lakes
floating pump installations

Water pump range
1 HP – 250 HP

Output delivery pipe dia

water head
10 to 300 meters
33 to 990 feet

Water delivery quantity
1000 to 162500 litres per hour
8 to 715 gallon per minut

Sizing and selection made simple and easy:

All you need to determine is the following three parameters:
· geographical location
· required maximum head
· required water quantity per day