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Solar energy kit is on-grid PV system, a complete solution which generates electrical energy for self-consumption and feed surplus energy in to the grid as per legislation of the country. Solar PV panels generates DC electric power when exposed in sun light. High efficiency MPPT PV inverter converts DC electric power in to AC electric power for consumption in load. Grid power supply is connected in parallel circuit with PV inverter AC output. Solar generated electric power has first priority for consumption in load and additional power can be retrieved from the grid supply if required. Solar energy system can be hybrid with diesel generator power for the operation as PV-diesal hybrid system. Solar energy system is useful for saving in electricity bill, saving in diesel fuel consumption and source of income by selling surplus energy to the grid.


Equipment and components list:

  • Solar photovoltaic Si-polycrystalline panels
  • Solar PV ongrid inverter
  • Aluminium support structure for solar PV panels mounting
  • DC cables 6mm R1000 PV panel to inverter
  • AC cable 2 core inverter to main breaker
  • Solar PV cable connectors MC4
  • Support structure installation tools
  • Instrcutions manual for installation
  • Electrical design layout


Solar modules production: 25 years
Module support structure: 25 years
Inverters: 5 years standard, (extendible to 25 years)

Quality of Components:

All equipment and components in the kit are manufactured in EU with high quality CE standard.

Kits advantages
• Easy to organize the order through a unique code and provider.
• Compatibility between all components secured.
• Measurement of energy flows installation.
• CE highest quality components.
• Support structure with pre-design to facilitate plug & play mounting installation.

Function of the system
1. The load consume the solar energy produced by photovoltaic modules during the day hours time, plus the excess energy can be feed in to the grid as per legislation of the country.

2. The diesel generator connection is an other option when the load does not get enough solar energy, and there is instability in the grid supply network. In these situations the customer consumes energy from diesel generator.

Modular system
These systems are modular type and can be installed as per your space and requirement. You can ask for additional services as state-of-the-art designing, drawings, engineering and installation of your projects.

Solar kits with modular system can be extended to MW size projects

Solar Kit Applications:
• Schools • Hospitals • Hotels • Restaurants • Resorts • Scout camps • Gymnasium • Service centres • Petrol Stations • Gardens • Multi story buildings • Old houses • Markets • Shopping malls • Public service offices
• Electric vehicle charging stations • Parking Areas • Administration buildings

Additional Accessories:
Ask for additional accessories for extension at your installation or shifting of your PV system to another place.

Installation Training Services:
Training of installation is offered for technical persons on time to time basis. Schedule of the training session announce on web site.

Operation and maintenance services:
Operation and maintenance services offered for the valued customers for efficient operation of the system. Customers may ask for O&M service contract with the company.

Monitoring services
In order to monitor solar power generation and consumption from PV system, data can be transmitted to remote locations. For communication between the solar inverter and monitoring devices, SITECNO provides two basic choices: Wireless or Blue-tooth and wired variants.


Instant self-consumption system with feed in grid (on grid)
Instant self-consumption system without feed in to the grid (on grid)
Solar system hybrid with diesel generator (on grid)


REF.# Model Description

14010 SEM-ES4500 Complete plug and play without Aluminium support structure
14110 SEM-CS4500 Complete plug and play with all necessary components